Whether you missed the 2016 Annual Meeting, or didn't get to every session on your list, you can access the latest science from AUA2016 through the Official AUA2016 Webcasts.

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Webcast Spotlights – Here are a few Webcasts you won't want to miss!

Presidential Address: U.S. Healthcare Reform: Past, Present and Future

Speaker: William F. Gee, MD (AUA President)

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John K. Lattimer Lecture: Erectile Dysfunction: From Bark to Pill to Stem Cell and Beyond

Presenter: Tom F. Lue, MD

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Journal of Urology 2015: Year in Review

Presenter: Joseph A. Smith, Jr, MD

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Highlights: Urologic Oncology Research

Presenter: Aria F. Olumi, MD

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Highlights: Benign Urologic Research

Presenter: Rosalyn M. Adam ,Ph.D.

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