Crossfire – Controversies in Urology: Malignant

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Plenary II: Crossfire: Controversies in Urology: Malignant

Moderator Welcome and Announcements

Moderator: Mark S. Soloway, MD


High Grade Transitional Cell Cancer in a Solitary Kidney: Best Treated Endoscopically

Moderator: Andrew J. Stephenson, MD

Debater - Pro: David Y. T. Chen ,M.D.

Debater - Pro: Surena F. Matin, MD

Debater - Con: Christopher P. Evans, MD

Debater - Con: R. Houston Thompson, MD


MRI Fusion Prostate Biopsy: The New Gold Standard for Diagnosis and Staging

Moderator: Jay T. Bishoff, MD

Debater - Pro: Leonard S. Marks, MD

Debater - Pro: Peter A. Pinto, MD

Debater - Con: Antonio Finelli, MD

Debater - Con: J. Stephen Jones, MD


Cytoreductive Nephrectomy is Still Important for Advanced/Metastatic Renal Cell Cancer

Moderator: Arthur I. Sagalowsky, MD

Debater - Pro: Peter E. Clark, MD

Debater - Pro: Jose A. Karam, MD

Debater - Con: Sumanta K. Pal, MD

Debater - Con: Allan J. Pantuck, MD


Bladder Preservation for Muscle Invasive Cancer

Moderator: Adam S. Kibel, MD

Debater - Pro: Douglas M. Dahl, MD

Debater - Pro: Jason Efstathiou, MD, PhD

Debater - Con: Piyush K. Agarwal ,M.D.

Debater - Con: Jay B. Shah, MD


Renal Cell Cancer: No Room for Margins: Better to Enucleate

Moderator: Gennady Bratslavsky, MD

Debater - Pro: Thomas J. Guzzo MD, MPH

Debater - Pro: J. Stuart Wolf Jr, MD

Debater - Con: Stephen A. Boorjian, MD

Debater - Con: Scott E. Eggener, MD


Radical Prostatectomy is Better than Radiotherapy for High Risk Prostate Cancer

Moderator: Leonard G. Gomella, MD

Debater - Pro: James A. Eastham, MD

Debater - Pro: Joel B. Nelson, MD

Debater - Con: Joseph Kang, MD

Debater - Con: Mack Roach, III MD, FACR