Named Lectures

AUA2016 Webcasts


Plenary I - Sunday

John K. Lattimer Lecture: Erectile Dysfunction: From Bark to Pill to Stem Cell and Beyond

Presenter: Tom F. Lue, MD

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Journal of Urology Lecture: The Advantages and Pitfalls of Studies based on Administrative Databases

Presenter: Mark S. Litwin MD, MPH

Introduction Presenter: Joseph A. Smith, Jr, MD

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John Duckett Memorial Lecture: A Tale of Two Testes: The Bilateral Impact of a Unilateral Disease

Presenter: Faruk Hadziselimovic, MD

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Plenary I - Monday

Presidential Address: U.S. Healthcare Reform: Past, Present and Future

AUA President: William F. Gee, MD

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Urological Association of Asia (UAA) Lecture: Men's Health in Asia

Presenter: Hui-Meng Tan, MD

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European Association of Urology (EAU) Lecture: The Underactive bladder: Where do we stand in 2016?

Presenter: Christopher R. Chapple, BSc, MD, DHC, FRCS, FEBU

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Plenary I - Tuesday

Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) Lecture: Image guided therapy for Prostate Cancer: Quo vadis?

Presenter: Rafael Sanchez-Salas, MD

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