AUA2016 Webcasts

Plenary I - Saturday

Point-Counterpoint: Mitomycin C for Refractory Bladder Neck Contracture

Moderator: Kenneth W. Angermeier, MD

Debater - Pro: Jill C. Buckley, MD

Debater - Con: Anthony R. Mundy, MD

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Plenary II - Saturday

Point-Counterpoint: Renal Autotransplant is better than Ileal Ureter for Severe Radiation-Induced Ureteral Strictures

Moderator: Paul Michael Kozlowski, MD

Debater - Pro: Frank S. Darras ,M.D.

Debater - Con: Robert J. Stein, MD


Point-Counterpoint: Radical Prostatectomy Should be Encouraged to Men at Any Age

Moderator: Edward M. Messing, MD

Debater - Pro: John W. Davis, MD

Debater - Con: Peter C. Albertsen, MD


Plenary I - Monday

Point-Counterpoint: Testis Cancer Surveillance: Low Dose CT is Better Than MRI

Moderator: Pat F. Fulgham, MD

Debater - Pro: Craig Nichols, M.D.

Debater - Con: Christian Kollmannsberger, M.D.

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Plenary I - Tuesday

Point-Counterpoint: Is There a Role for Nutraceuticals in Male Infertility?

Moderator: Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH

Debater - Pro: Ethan D. Grober, MD, MEd, FRCSC

Debater - Con: Craig S. Niederberger, MD

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