Second Opinion Cases: Benign

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Plenary II: Second Opinion Cases: Benign

Moderator Welcome and Announcements

Moderator: Gary E. Lemack, MD


Stone Prevention in the Recurrent Calcium Stone Former

Moderator: Margaret S. Pearle, MD, PhD

Panelist: David S. Goldfarb, MD

Panelist: James E. Lingeman, MD


Chronic Pelvic Pain in a Young Woman

Moderator: Robert J. Evans, MD

Panelist: C. Lowell Parsons ,M.D.

Panelist: Kristene E. Whitmore, MD


Renal Colic in Pregnancy

Moderator: Vernon M. Pais Jr, MD

Panelist: Amy E. Krambeck, MD

Panelist: Nicole L. Miller, MD


The Male with Nocturia

Panelist: Philip Van Kerrebroeck, M.D.

Panelist: Jeffrey P. Weiss, MD


Erectile Dysfunction in the Man with Low Testosterone

Moderator: Landon Trost, MD

Panelist: William O. Brant, MD

Panelist: Raymond A. Costabile, MD


Mixed Urinary Incontinence

Moderator: Angelo E. Gousse, MD

Panelist: Jennifer T. Anger, MD, MPH

Panelist: William Stuart Reynolds, MD, MPH